Sunday, May 15, 2011

Maths Performance Task: Statistical Journal (Individual)

Statistics cover mostly the bar graphs, pie chart, histogram, line graph etc. Mostly it just covers the way to learn and express information on graphs and charts.
I learned how to draw mostly all the graphs and to learn the properties of each graph and chart.
Statistics is used for gathering sales too, companies use graphs to record their income and their progress.
From my personal experience, i have used graphs to calculate the amount I spent on certain activities so i can plan day and not lose track of what I do.I also use them to record the amount of the electricity bill, so I know if the electricity bill is going up or down to know when to buck up and start conserving... Statistics can also be used in subjects in school such as science as we use them to calculate increase in the amount of things.
Writers writing the news also use statistics to show the information and the data to let readers better understand their reasons and explanations, eg. in a the news suddenly population of people start decreasing in a country the writers than gather the information needed and make a graph for eg. line graph to represent the decrease in population...These information are usually quite truthful but sometimes statistics will lie some people don't do anything related to the subject thus giving an un-accurate answer.
I have done a lot in my part in the project, I did the final table to conclude the information for each neighbourhood and buses, then I did modeling and creating of the charts and graphs, ( we chose to you pie charts only) So i did the conclusion and creating of the graphs and charts. While others did the other parts such as the organising of the positions for the graphs, and text. the texts includes Introduction
A brief description of the current situation/ problem/ issue purpose of this investigation
The objective or purpose of this investigation. What do you intend to find out from this investigation?
There are 4 suggestions were given in "Scaffolds #1 (3) Preparation for Statistical Analysis". That will help to inform hte reader the scope of your investigation.
A brief description of the data collection process [see Scaffolds #1 (2) Data Collection]
A presentation of the findings.
You will organise the data in appropriate form of table and charts.
Pick appropriate charts so that the information/ data could be presented in a meaningful manner.
Statistical Analysis
From the table(s) and chart(s), what can you tell about the punctuality of the bus services?
You are likely to use terms like frequency, central tendencies like mean, median & mode and percentages to describe what you observe (from the table/ charts).
What conclusions did you reach on the basis of evidence and reasoning
Judgement or decision reached by reasoning
Strengths of our group, we have not much strengths in our group the one and most important one in our group was that we have the teamwork, we were able to plan and split the work out to each members with problem so that we could finish the task on date, and time.
We had some difficulties though eg.One of us did not know what was going on, he did not understand how to do the task assigned therefore we had to take quite a lot of time explaning and doing part of it for him, but overall we fared quite well.
IF I was to be able to this task again I would try to plan the whole process out accurately so we can manage the time well and meet the deadline without any fuss or hurry.
In this task I also learnt a lot from my friends to meet new friends and know my classmates more often, I hope to do more of such task.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chap 2: Real Numbers - Rational Numbers

I do not agree as 6/6 is not a recurring decimal and it is also a fraction with a denominator. So I do not agree. 6/6 is a whole number.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

1st starting of ADMT s1.02 storyline for Energy

Storyline - Energy Conservation
(Teacher is teaching the boy, and the boy gets very bored)
Boy: Yawn
(Boy falls asleep and dreams)
(Sound of Water Dripping from the roof)
(Boy Looks up and water falls from roof)
(Turns on the his mac-book and there is “Breaking News” of Global Warming)
(He is suddenly washed away from the school and is plunged into a flooded wasteland that is Singapore.)
He gets washed into a whirlpool and wakes up still sitting in his chair in class S102 with his teacher pulling him by the ear.
Teacher: Yes John?
Boy: Sorry Mrs Tan, I won’t do it again
Teacher: Okay, go for recess.
(The Whole Class leaves for recess, the boy runs out of the door)
(The Screen Blacks Out for 3 seconds)
The screen re-whites and the boy comes back to the class room to switch off the fans and air-con machines

Message Appears: Lets Conserve Energy For a Better Future!
We Are Doing It To, So Why Don’t You?
(Everyone says)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Dear Pupils of S102,

Please reflect on these guiding questions and key your reflections in your personal blog. You are required to copy the questions into your blog before reflecting on them. You are allowed to insert pictures into your reflections.

1. What were 3 of the highlights of the Orientation and the last 2 weeks?
Icebreaker games, Rock Climbing, Abseiling.

2. What were 3 of the "low" moments of Orientation and the last 2 weeks
Area Cleaning and Not getting to eat lunch on time.

3. What are 3 of my greatest takeaways/lessons from the Orientation and the last 2 weeks?
Climbing up the rock wall. Climbing up the ladder for abseiling, and saying the cheer while going down the abseiling wall the 2nd time.

4. What did you learn about yourself in the last 2 weeks?
I am Afraid of heights, learning how to overcome it. Co-operating with others and going up the platform to perform the skit.

5. What are you looking forward in 2011?
Learning new skills on the learning device, doing more group work projects. Doing more presentations.